Junior High (7th-9th)

In Junior High many classes are taught in English

Class sizes range from 16-20 students. All students must have attained a degree of fluency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English in order to be enrolled in the program. Beginning Spanish is available for students new to the language. All students receive Bible classes with opportunities for outreach.

Extras include RLC (Resource Learning Center), the use of Chromebooks, music, P.E., and weekly workshops of different kinds. All our teachers who teach subjects in English are proficient in that language.

We believe in differentiation in the classroom and seek to provide attention for all kinds of learners. Special student support is available in Beginning Spanish, NILD (National Institute for Learning Development), Educational psychology, and individual tutoring. We maintain  a good student-teacher ratio. Extracurricular activities are held weekly for basketball, volleyball, and robotics. Standardized testing is given during the year.

High School (10th-12th)

Our high school offers a personalized setting for study in small class sizes.

Many subjects are taught in English. A variety of courses are offered that are required by the University of Guadalajara and also the U.S. The majority of our students, upon graduating at Lincoln, continue on in local Mexican universities and some attend university in the U.S. or other countries. Students can choose to fulfill the requirements for a Mexican high school diploma as well as for a diploma for enrolling at a foreign university. We have guidance counseling available for assisting students for college entrance. We apply the PSAT to better prepare students for the TOEFL and SAT tests. Our spiritual development program includes Bible class, small group mentoring, and outreach activities during the school year.

We are currently incorporated with the University of Guadalajara and accredited with AdvancED. We are also recognized by NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Assocation).