Mayto Trip 2017


Mayto 2017

In October, sixteen Grade 12 students and five teachers went to Mayto in Jalisco.Camping on a beautiful white sandy beach, we worked alongside a turtle conservation team. During the nesting season, female turtles lay their eggs on the beach. However, these eggs are often eaten by animal predators or taken by
people to sell. This has sadly resulted in a decline in the sea turtle population. Over three days, our job was to collect these eggs, during night patrols, and move them to a save place. Once they had hatched, we collected over 1,000 baby turtles each evening. As the sun set, we released them onto the beach. Instinctively, the turtles shuffled along and headed for the sea – their new home.
This was a unique and fascinating experience, and an amazing testament to the wonder of God’s creation.

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