Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities

Activities are offered according to the stage of development in the area of physical education and sports.

Consistent with our mission, these activities are an expression of educating our students to love God as well as being comprehensive to their neighbors as they are to themselves. Going through the various stages of their training, students are exposed to learning experiences that develop gross motor skills, physical education, skills in a particular sport, fair play, and teamwork.


A gross motor skills program for students 3-5 years old is offered in Kindergarten.


The formal physical education program begins with students from 5 years old, and also the opportunity to enroll in co-curricular activities such as basketball and volleyball. Throughout the year various teams from pre- first to high school participate in competitions and leagues. All levels have an annual Sports Event  helping to build a sense of community among students, teachers and parents.

Students in middle school and high school attend a secure sports club facility weekly, the Club Deportivo Bancario de Guadalajara ( where they receive physical education classes using their fields and tracks so well maintained.