A Multi-cultural

International School


Vision and Mission

To be a lighthouse in the Guadalajara community, in the nation, and throughout the world.

To educate young people who will love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and their neighbors as themselves (Luke 10:27); who will be instruments in establishing God’s principles in their lives, their environment, their nation, and the world.


We are proud to offer a quality education at Lincoln School. Our main emphasis includes two main areas. One is our excellent English program. Graduates from Lincoln have gone throughout the world to work and serve. Another area is spiritual development. In addition to the academic, we teach spiritual values with instruction of the Bible, a mentoring program in jr. and sr. high, and opportunities for giving back and serving the less fortunate.




Lincoln Student Leadership

Be part of the community

Lincoln Student Leadership is comprised of a group of High School students who want to grow in their relationship with God and also develop as young leaders. They aspire to use their gifts and abilities to serve their fellow students and the wider Lincoln community. The LSL meet once a week to learn key leadership principles and work towards leading and organizing special events throughout the year. They are a wonderful blessing to our school family.


Activities done during Robotics

In our extra curricular robotics program students learn the application of concepts in physics, math, science and technology within the design, creation, programming and the use of robots.

Connection Groups

Every week, after their P.E. class at a local sports club, our students meet in small groups, known as Connection Groups (CG’s). The purpose of these groups is to ensure that every student in Junior High and High School is connected to a mentor who is a member of staff or a local youth leader. During these times, strong friendships are formed between the grades  resulting in greater integration of our students and they provide spiritual and emotional support for one another.


Our vision as a school is to be a lighthouse in the local community, the nation, and the world. Through our outreach projects, our students grow in sensitivity towards the needs of others and seek for ways to bless them.


This area focuses on the development of physical abilities, teamwork, character traits, leadership, responsibility, respect and discipline in the students. It helps in cultivating an awareness of the importance of living a healthy life. Students have the option of participating in extracurricular activities that include basketball and volleyball. These activities take place after school hours and include weekly practices and participation in local leagues with teams from other schools.

Parents in Touch

The parents of our students gather each Tuesday to pray together for the needs of the Lincoln community

Fine Arts

Art is an integral part of the student´s education. It helps to develop abilities for observation, assimilation, communication, and being creative. Lincoln students will be knowledgeable of the history of art and will learn to appreciate art of all cultures. Through art our students will recognize God´s manifestation and greatness.

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