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Our Kindergarten offers a creative, quality, and Christ-centered learning environment. This includes a lot of hands-on learning and students learning to interact with their classmates. Each day begins with a short assembly, songs, and a prayer. There is an international environment with students from Mexico, India, Korea, and the U.S. Teachers are fluent in the English language and work with children teaching them to love and respect themselves and others. In addition to our excellent programs in English and Mathematics, we have an emotional and affective training program that serves as an introduction to the Bullying Prevention Program. It is a privilege to partner with parents in this effort.


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Ms. Horte has been with Lincoln School since August 2012. Ms. Horte loves being at Lincoln because she can openly share her faith in Christ and because of the caring environment for students and staff. A fun fact about her is that she is an expert in doing random gravity checks.