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We are committed to providing our students with an excellent academic program which is based on a biblical worldview. Students are encouraged to work diligently and become responsible citizens, living out the biblical values that are taught. Many of the core subjects are taught in English by either native English speakers or by teachers who are proficient in the language. Our aim is to walk alongside our students as they go through their teenage years, providing a mentoring program for all our students. We help them to understand the world around them, become problem solvers and help them see that they are called to make a difference in this world. The majority of our students go on to study at local universities but are well prepared to study abroad. Our High School students are provided with career guidance counselling, and various national and international university fairs are held during the school year offering options for further study. Beginner’s Spanish is available for those students who are not Mexican and need support in this area. Our Bible classes include opportunities for outreach and service projects. We work closely with the families to ensure the success of our students.

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Ms. Ale has been with Lincoln School since 2017. She taught Chemistry in Jr and Sr High. She also taught Biology in Jr High. This is her first year serving as the Jr/Sr High Coordinator. She loves Lincoln because its principles are based on the Word of God and all of the staff work hard, showing their Christ-like characters in different ways. Lincoln is a team, a family, and a body and we want our students to be a part of it too. A fun fact about Ms. Ale is that she can spend hours working on jigsaw puzzles!