Featured Staff

Ms. Yessi

Meet Ms. Yessi. Ms. Yessi has been working at Lincoln for 14 years in Kinder. Both of her daughters attend Lincoln and she says that from the very beginning the teachers were always very attentive of her daughters and their learning. Ms.Yessi’s purpose in life is to follow God’s teaching of, “treat others the way you want to be treated”.

Ms. Irma

Meet Ms. Irma. Irma has been at Lincoln for 6 and a half years. She started as a sub, became a HS teacher, and now works directly with the academic coordinator and helps with the Special Spanish classes. She loves to cook and runs a small business dedicated to cooking healthy food. Her goal in life is to be a better person each day and continue following the Lord’s example.

Mrs. Bell

Meet Mrs. Bell. She is originally from England but came to Mexico 27 years ago with her husband, beginning in Leon and eventually moving to Guadalajara. Both of her daughters studied at Lincoln and her husband also works here. Mrs. Bell’s purpose in life is to love God and make disciples sharing God’s love with everyone.

School Life


Lincoln Student Leadership, Be part of the Community!

Lincoln Student Leadership is comprised of a group of High School students who want to grow in their relationship with God and also develop as young leaders. They aspire to use their gifts and abilities to serve their fellow students and the wider Lincoln community. The LSL meet once a week to learn key leadership principles and work towards leading and organizing special events throughout the year. They are a wonderful blessing to our school family.

Connection Groups

Small Groups led by our teachers

The students meet once a week in a Connection Group in the Club Bancario in a relaxed and open setting to ensure that every Junior High and High School student is connected to a mentor and other classmates to strengthen their friendships and to support one another both spiritually and emotionally.

Outreach Projects

Be a lighthouse in the community!

Our vision as a school is to be a lighthouse in our local community, the nation and to the rest of the world. Through our outreach projects, our students grow in sensitivity towards the needs of others and seeks for ways to bless them.


Join the Lincoln Lions!

This area focuses on the development of physical abilities, teamwork, character traits, leadership, responsibility, respect and discipline in the students. It helps in cultivating an awareness of the importance of living a healthy life. Students have the option of participating in extracurricular activities that include basketball and volleyball. These activities take place after school hours and include weekly practices and participation in local leagues with teams from other schools.

Cocurricular Activities

Additional Learning Opportunities

Additional activities are offered after school such as French classes among others. 

Parents in Touch

Together is better

The parents of our students gather each Tuesday to pray together for the needs of the Lincoln community. If you’d like to join us, fathers please contact Daniel Sanchez at dsanchez@lincolnschool.edu.mx
Mothers please contact Sarah Gutierrez at sgutierrez@lincolnschool.edu.mx

Fine Arts

Let's Create!

Art is an integral part of the student´s education. It helps to develop abilities for observation, assimilation, communication and being creative. Lincoln students will be knowledgeable of the history of art and will learn to appreciate the art of all cultures. Through art, our students will recognize God’s manifestation and greatness.