Featured Staff

Ms. Mafer

Meet Mafer, one of our Kinder teachers. Ms. Mafer has been teaching at Lincoln for 4 years now. Ms. Mafer loves working at Lincoln because she loves the growth she sees in the students as well as the relationships she can build with them. She also loves the influence that she gets to have on the kids’ lives as she guides them toward Jesus. Ms. Mafer loves when we have professional development days at Lincoln and we take some time in the morning to worship together as staff. She also loves being able to pray for her students and talking about how great our God is!

Ms. Staley

Meet Ms. Allison Staley, our 5th grade ELA teacher. This is Ms. Staley’s 3rd year teaching at Lincoln, however, she also student taught here before returning to Lincoln to teach! Ms. Staley loves Lincoln because she loves that the small class size really allows her to focus on each student individually. She also loves being able to incorporate her faith into her teaching. Ms. Staley says a moment she felt close to God was when she was praying over a difficult relationship she had with a student and shortly afterward, the student apologized for his behavior and they were able to mend the relationship right before the pandemic hit.

Ms. Bethzua

Meet Ms. Bethzua Briseño, our Spanish teacher in 7th and 8th grade. Ms. Bethzua studied a career in Hispanic Letters. She loves working at Lincoln School because she can share her faith and love for Jesus Christ. She loves seeing the impact that God has on her students, and the way they continue to grow with it. She loves music and singing, but if she has the time, she prefers reading a book or watching a movie with her loved ones. Ms. Bethzua is fulfilling her life purpose by serving God through education, and she is always learning from her best teacher, Jesus.

Featured Students


Nara is a loving and helpful girl, she loves Lincoln School because of the different activities that they do and because she can learn about the Bible. Nara loves science class, and she thinks that we should all be like Jesus, because He was kind, and loved all people no matter what. She says that everyone should be like Him because it makes other people feel happy.


Samara is Nara’s little sister. She also loves Lincoln School because she can be closer to Jesus and learn about the Bible. Samara loves learning about Jesus’ love through the bible. She thinks that everyone should learn the importance of sharing, since it is very important to make others feel included.


Meet María! María loves Lincoln School because it is a beautiful school with good people and classmates. María loves being kind to others and making them feel involved. She also thinks that it is important to be humble. She says that everyone should be this way because it makes people feel nice. Her advice for everyone who struggles to do this, is to just try to be a better person each day.


Meet Leo! Leo’s favorite aspects of Lincoln School are his friends, teachers, and the fact that everyone is kind. He loves helping others because he feels bad when people are left out or having a difficult time. He encourages others to always be helpful because when they need it, they will be treated the same way as how they treated others in the past.


Meet Rebekah! Rebekah says that what she loves the most about Lincoln school is her friends and how teachers really care about their students. For Rebekah, someone who is Christ-like is a loving person, and also someone who puts others before themselves. She thinks it is important to be this way because we can be a light to the world, and to show others about Christ’s love. She encourages other people to always put God first, and to find good and loving friends.


Meet José! José is an 11th grader who loves Lincoln School because of the good values that it teaches and the relations and friendships that he has built with both teachers and classmates. He thinks that someone who is Christ-like is a person who is always available to help others and seek to fulfill others’ needs. He thinks that it is important to have people willing to help you because it aids us to overcome difficult situations.

School Life


Lincoln Student Leadership, Be part of the Community!

Lincoln Student Leadership is comprised of a group of High School students who want to grow in their relationship with God and also develop as young leaders. They aspire to use their gifts and abilities to serve their fellow students and the wider Lincoln community. The LSL meet once a week to learn key leadership principles and work towards leading and organizing special events throughout the year. They are a wonderful blessing to our school family.

Connection Groups

Small Groups led by our teachers

The students meet once a week in a Connection Group in the Club Bancario in a relaxed and open setting to ensure that every Junior High and High School student is connected to a mentor and other classmates to strengthen their friendships and to support one another both spiritually and emotionally.

Outreach Projects

Be a lighthouse in the community!

Our vision as a school is to be a lighthouse in our local community, the nation and to the rest of the world. Through our outreach projects, our students grow in sensitivity towards the needs of others and seeks for ways to bless them.


Join the Lincoln Lions!

This area focuses on the development of physical abilities, teamwork, character traits, leadership, responsibility, respect and discipline in the students. It helps in cultivating an awareness of the importance of living a healthy life. Students have the option of participating in extracurricular activities that include basketball and volleyball. These activities take place after school hours and include weekly practices and participation in local leagues with teams from other schools.

Cocurricular Activities

Additional Learning Opportunities

Additional activities are offered after school such as French classes among others. 

Parents in Touch

Together is better

The parents of our students gather each Tuesday to pray together for the needs of the Lincoln community. If you’d like to join us, fathers please contact Daniel Sanchez at dsanchez@lincolnschool.edu.mx
Mothers please contact Sarah Gutierrez at sgutierrez@lincolnschool.edu.mx

Fine Arts

Let's Create!

Art is an integral part of the student´s education. It helps to develop abilities for observation, assimilation, communication and being creative. Lincoln students will be knowledgeable of the history of art and will learn to appreciate the art of all cultures. Through art, our students will recognize God’s manifestation and greatness.