Elementary school

We are very proud of our excellent elementary program offered at Lincoln School. It includes an emphasis on academics with the core subjects being taught in English. Extras include RLC (Resource Learning Center), the use of Chromebooks, music, P.E., and weekly workshops of different kinds. All our teachers who teach subjects in English are proficient in that language.

We believe in differentation in the classroom

and seek to provide attention for all kinds of learners. Special student support is available in Beginning Spanish, NILD (National Institute for Learning Development), Educational psychology, and individual tutoring. Our classes are small with a good student-teacher ratio. Extracurricular activities are held weekly for basketball, volleyball, and robotics. Standardized testing is given during the year. The Bible program includes a variety of activities throughout the year such as outreach projects, chapels, and prayer week.

We have prepared a Parent Manual with all the information you will need as you join the Lincoln School Family.